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Things have been a little hectic these last few months and I am about to change careers and move into software development 😀


I hope to get all my stories up on the blog the next few weeks!

Award for most creative abuse of the rj45 socket!

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One lesson you quickly learn as a technician working within education, is that teachers often don’t have time to troubleshoot.  I understand this, they are there to provide an education to the students in their class and not to spend time actually looking at why something is not working.

However there are a few exceptions where I think come on show a little common sence.  I was called to a classroom the other day where I was told the USB drive was no longer working, I asked had the drive worked on another machine and they said it had worked on their laptop at home.

I peer round the back of the machine and see that the USB drive has been forced into a RJ45 socket (network port). Seriously you expect that to work?!?

I explained to the teacher the problem and they couldn’t believe the mistake they had made!

What I don’t get when it comes to computers is the fact that people seem to panic and lose all comon sence.  Now you wouldn’t attempt to plug a 2 plug AC power plugs (the plugs they use across Europe) in to a 3 pin uk socket, so PC connections should be the same concept.

You can clearly see the differences between the plug and the socket.

Now granted I will admit that the USB and the Network port are simiar in some aspects I mean they both have 4 sides that create’s a square/rectangle like shape, but come on people  when you push a USB cable into a RJ45 do you not feel that it doesnt feel right?

Pc’s can and are made up of many different connections and most can be connected up correctly by looking at the shape of the plug and the socket!  If you are in total doubt google is your friend!

Using google, within 10 seconds I can find a computer hardware chart which lays out most of the connections that you will come across on your home PC’s.  If you look at the ports section on the following Image.

Hello and welcome

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to my attempt at doing a blog.

Having spent over 4 years providing technical support to educational facilities, I felt it was time to share the amazing things that I am asked or witness relating to the IT facilities that I help manage within the school.

I guess the purpose of the blog is to highlight common mistakes and hopefully provide the knowledge to enable other people not to make the same mistakes!